My hearts breaks a little each time!


I am sure that with a professional set up I could achieve better photos BUT-

EVEN THEN- simply the energy they hold is so awesome- in the real sense of the word!

The individual qualities of each crystal & sandalwood beads are perfectly imperfect!

It’s such an honour to get to co create with these women-

I am not the quickest at getting them done but you can bet that :

✨ I am in my zone of genius.

✨ That there is some really delicious oils diffusing beside me.

✨ These days India Arie will most likely be on.

✨And I never ever send it away if it’s not exactly how I feel it should be.

It’s the process of co creation that makes me love doing this work!

I get to connect, share and get to know my women on a deep level. ❤️

To me that fills my soul.

If you’re feelin’ this and want to co create-

Let me know! ❤️