First off, I am a total hippie at heart and I found a way to support our family’s health in a natural way, and smell really yummy doing it- I love that!

Secondly, my son’s health. My second born son, Aidan, can get really scary bad asthma flair ups when he gets a cold. Any sort of virus his body reacts through his lungs and we end up in the hospital more times than not. After him having an attack so bad even the doctors and nurses were scared, I knew it was time to find the best ways to support his little immune system to help his body better fight colds, so we don’t end up in the hospital. With essential oils and vitamins, in addition to probiotics and proper nutrition, I know that I am giving an awesome chance for his body to fight any virus that comes his way.

I also had some health issues of my own that made me take a hard look at my own ways and realize that if I didn’t make some changes, I may have to get my gallbladder taken out. I had a surgery appointment twice, and canceled both. I knew I didn’t want an organ taken out of my body. I have made big changes to my diet and ways of living to feel better mind, body and soul, and the use of oils are a huge part of that!

Next, I love business and empowering women to live radiant lives! With these oils, I get to share them with so many women like me and help them see there is a beautifully different way to live. To heal ourselves and our families, naturally and live a life with less toxins. To be surrounded by a community of others that share the same values and dreams of making the world a better place, and earn an awesome income doing it- how cool is that?!


Plant remedies, known as essential oils, have been used through out the world for millennia, and are one of natures most powerful support tools available to help your body heal itself. SO COOL EH?! (yes I am totally Canadian!)
The oils can be used in many aspects of our daily lives. Uses include:


animal care


enhancing air in home

skin care

supporting emotional + physical bodies

The over all quality of essential oils is very important when using them therapeutically. The bottom line is this: every day you make choices for you health and wellness.


It is my dream that your journey to health and wellness begins to transform- right here, right now.


What I know to be true is that being a busy mom of three boys, running two companies, and my hubby being an entrepreneur, I need all the help I can get when it comes to support with our health and well being!

Can you picture the moments when you are feeling so tapped out and down because you don’t know which way to go next?

YES! We have an oil for that! The oils have helped me to stay clear, joyful, more focused and fulfilled in my life because they support me so well emotionally.

Are you looking to feel more alive and steady through out your day, months years!

Yes, we have so many oils for that!

Do you love to find ways to create something for your family that is clean and toxin free, like cleaning supplies, diet, pain relief?!

YES! We have have like so many oils for that too!

My heart fills up when my boys come ask me for oils when they have a sting, or a bump or a tummy ache! When they are feeling anxious or upset, they know that using oils helps them feel better, and I know that I am setting them up for a life of healthy living and knowing the best ways to take care of themselves and their families one day!

This is all part of living my radiant life and I cant wait to share with you ways to create yours!



Creating a life that YOU love begins with supporting your BEST SELF. This has been a huge part of my journey with these oils as well. Knowing how to support my emotional wellness as a Woman, Mother and a Creative Business owner.

This part also LIGHTS ME UP to share the sisterhood that comes with being part of this growing movement in natural health care!

Together, my team and I get to share our hearts out about these oils, the good that our company is up to in this world and the business that comes along with SAYING YES to you!

The sisterhood here is unlike anything I’ve ever been part of- WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.

We connect, we share, we celebrate, we connect over our stories, over our experiences and our pure desire to live our best lives!

I have spots open on my team of you’re curious, and through this choice of growing a business for yourself, you have access to mentoring with me! THIS PART I love because we get to connect, grow and flourish together. #togetherwerise

If this sings to your heart and you want to learn more about joining our team, Radiant Essentials, email me at – I would love to hear from you!