There was a time when I thought I had no other options..

But to continue to do the same things over & over to get better results for my son’s health..

Thinking that we were doing the right thing for him because we were told by certain specialists, or doctors that THIS was the only way to help him..

Until one day we almost lost our done due to a severe asthma attack that had the staff at the hospital ( who were AMAZING!) really scared!

That changed me FOREVER. as a person, as a mother.

I KNEW in my soul that I had to start doing things differently- for him, for us as a family!

It hasn’t been an easy road finding out what his body needs and what triggers him.. but we are always evolving- and we are winning!

This would not have been possible with out Ange Peters shining her light and creating a beautiful open door for a mother like me!

Somewhere- that I can start from the very beginning trying to help heal my family health, where the community is so loving you cannot help but feel like you can do anything you set your mind too.

We have had so much success with Aidan’s health the visits to the hospital for his asthma as so very minimal compared to what they once were!

This experience has lit a fire so bright inside that of course sharing my love for dōTerra oils and building a beautiful open door community is exactly what I am doing with a team of beautiful women beside me- who are ALL just as passionate about a life that is based in taking our healing into our own hands- we write our own prescriptions for our selves and our own family- because we are present!

And building a beautiful legacy for our families along the way!

If this story, sings to your heart and you feel so connected to our mission to create your own self directed health care for your family!

Please send me a private message!

You will only find love here. xo