Jasper and Sandstone Aromatherapy Bracelet


This one is just so sparkly and makes me feel calmer just having it in my hands creating it for you!



Jasper– The beautiful centre bead is known as the “supreme nurturer.” It sustains and supports during times of stress, brings tranquility and wholeness. It unifies all aspects of your life.

Sandstone– The stone of creativity, it helps to build and strengthen solidarity in your relationships. It also promotes clarity in thought and sight. It discourages bad tempers and over all grouchiness, how can it not? And look at how sparkly it is!!

My love of sandalwood continues adding the peace and tranquilly I love my creations to offer to the wearer!

And of course, add your favourite essential oil to the wooden beads to diffuse your favourite calming oil!

Love this, but have your own ideas too? Click here to create a custom piece.


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