When it feels impossible to get there..

Take a moment to feel into how far you have come..

When it feels like your belief is wavering…

Take a moment to connect back to the feelings of your desires…

When it feels like your just one small speck in a sea of others..

Know that YOU ARE LIGHT. ✨

Know that you have a tribe of women waiting for YOU TO STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT. ✨

Know that when you finally say YES to the what may seem like a small inner knowing- it will shine so bright you will no longer be able to ignore it. ✨

We are all teachers.
We are all students.
We are all more alike than we are different.
We are all love.

Don’t let the time of your life float by!!!

Who’s committed to turning on their light – oh so bright?! ✨✨


#selfrevolution #shineyourlight