I can honestly say that when my life fell to pieces, I didn’t tell anyone..
When life was crashing down around me, when I realized that everything I was doing wasn’t working for me- I told no one.
Because of what I had created online was what from people saw on the outside was a vision of “success” and I won awards and I had my jewelry in a tonne of retail stores, my property management company had million dollar clients, my website was pretty, my kids were smiling – blah, blah, blah..
BUT on the inside I was so hard on myself- everyday.
I was never enough.
I was bad mom.
I was bad with money.
I was unorganized.
I was really bad at keeping the house in order.
and it goes on..
But like I did when I was a child I kept a smiling face and made it look like I was really GREAT- but I wasn’t.
I kept the knowing, the urning of my soul for some relief to myself..
I didn’t want to burden anyone. or seem like I couldn’t handle it all..
Because that is what we as Women are being programmed to think.
 We are being puked on by society, by past beliefs, by others in the online
world/business world that we have to be like.. THIS ONE WAY TO MAKE IT..
We SO EASILY forget WHO WE ARE at our SOUL.
We give so much that we GET LOST.
We have to break down to rise up and shed what it is that needs to be forgotten, un programmed, dismantled..
That was in 2014/2015.. the breakdown that started the slow rise.
I look back at how far I’ve come and there have been many more moments that ( are for another blog post!) have been corner stones in the rise of my mission today.
The pure KNOWING that I am here to help women go back home- to themselves.
That by always being committed to the work of healing myself – I am paving a new way for women to re-discover WHO THEY ARE.
And when you live from that place of being connected, real, vibrant, playful, loving, compassionate towards YOURSELF- your life begins to unfold in ways that I could have only dreamed of years ago!
Just KNOW that you have everything you need WITHIN YOU- to thrive and not just survive while you are here on your journey of life.
Shine Bright,
Katie xo